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Over 45 years ago, Arturo Arbaje studied in Santiago de los Caballeros, by tradition the region where most of the producers of tobacco leaves are located and therefore the where most of the cigarettes and cigar factories are; where people have a love and respect for the handmade cigars produced in such factories.

Time went by and around the year 1985, a man arrived at the Dominican Republic’s chamber of commerce located in the city of Miami, FL claiming to be the head of the Native American reserves in the United States. He knew about the Dominican cigar and cigarette industry and wanted to have contact with someone who helped him in the field. The director of the Dominican Center for Exports (CEDOPEX) calls me and this is where I come in.

Gladly, I offered myself to contact several producers in the area of Tamboril- Santiago. In the endeavor to sign the contract with the head representative of the reserves emerged the lack of courtesy of the producers, who wanted to negotiate directly and the people from the reserves did not accept and the business never happened. I was disappointed by not being able to concretize the negotiations.

Years later, around 1997, I decided to enter fully into the private production of premium hand-made cigars hand in hand with my long-time friends, due to the fact that their families were producers of tobacco plants and cigars for generations and I was and still a close acquaintance.

This is when the brands Bavaro and Punta Cana Arbaje cigars are born. The names honor the two areas in the Dominican Republic best known worldwide for their touristic attractions, mainly its pristine beaches and all-inclusive resorts. These cigars are made of the best variety of mixtures of Dominican tobacco leaves.

Enjoy our products that are made for the most sublime tastes for those who enjoy a good Dominican Cigar.