Timoteo Ogando (1818-1908, Pedro Corto, San Juan de la Maguana (Dominican Republic)) was an illustrious member of the Dominican military who is considered hero of several independence wars in the Dominican Republic, in moments the country was struggling to establish a state dedicated to the Dominican project. He fought against the Haitian invasion in 1855 and 1863, against the annexation of the island to Spain in 1861, and organized a revolt against the president (Buenaventura Baez) of that time who wanted to give the island to the United States of America.

Together with 12 members of his family, which 9 died throughout the independence conflicts, and along other big figures of the time, gave his existence to the Dominican cause.

Died in 1908 in Santiago de los Caballeros, city located in the best tobacco region of the Dominican Republic.

To his honor, we dedicate this Churchill size cigar, only for the experiemented smokers.

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Timoteo Ogando cigar consists of a rich combination of leaves that ensures a full-bodied experience.The filler contains a smooth Dominican medium-bodied seco leaves; its long filler is a blend of the popular Nicaraguan leaf which gives a spice to the smoke and a full bodied Dominican-grown Piloto Cubano tobacco. Its wrapper is the well respected Connecticut Broadleaf, a popular wrapper from the Valley of Connecticut with earthy and toasty intense flavor.This cigar is aimed to satisfy any experienced smoker looking for a rich smoke.




Broadleaf Connecticut


7 1/2"


Box of 20